Am I being worked?


I treated CM Punk like Jonathan Martin. Defended his need to step away. Am I being worked?

I treated Daniel Bryan like an actor playing a character, not a ‘wrestler’ being mistreated. Am I being worked?

I treated HHH like an annoying corporate exec, not WWE’s on-screen Authority. Am I being worked?

I paused to consider whether RyBack had actually been released when I read his tweets. Am I being worked?

I’ve done all this and much more. The irritation and rancor in the IWC is palpable and, try as I might, I may have been worked, too. The article on the ‘New Kayfabe’ by Martin Dixon ( provides food for thought on this matter. I don’t believe the lesson learned is to doubt everything written by WWE employees. Rather, I believe we should view it all (the TV product, personal appearances, social media statement, everything) as ‘part of the night’s entertainment’ unless explicitly told otherwise. This way, I can simply enjoy the show the way I did growing up.


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